Wooden Hangers

Elegant, robust and sustainable, the wooden hanger exposes the most complex and refined forms with a essential and natural spirit. 

We offer a full services for the design and customization of your range. We can provide you with 3D drawings, prototypes and samples.

We make our own selection of species in order to work with the highest quality raw materials. We use quality wood that resists over time and are able to offer a recovery of used wooden hangers.


Sustainable plastic hanger

We are specialized in the production of durable plastic hangers.

Solid and elegant, the Gohé recycled and Gohébio® hangers can be reused several times according to our REUSE program. Our wide range is fully customizable from a wide choice of finishes, markings, accessories and raw materials.

Gohébio® is a 100% renewable plastic compound specially designed for the production of reusable hangers. At the end of their life, Gohébio® products are industrially compostable without emitting toxic substances. Our factory located in Italy specializes in the use of recycled and sustainable plastics.



Combining finesse, lightness and robustness, our metal products provide strength and hold to the clothing worn.

We have a wide range of colors, styles and shine wich adapt to any type of collection and interior design. 

In search of innovative shapes for this material, we offer a selection of unique and trendy hangers. Our wide range of hooks and clips is included in our REUSE program. 



With its elegant shapes and perfect transparency the plexiglass hanger offers the textile an ideal hold. Its perfect curve and its crystal-clear design will be as discreet as bringing a touch of elegance to your interiors.

More fragile than the traditional plastic hanger, polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) is easy to work and form and has a transparency greater than glass.