From the design of your range of hangers to the process of used hangers, we support our customers with products and devices developed to reduce our environmental impact. Innovative projects allow us to have a perfect control of the life cycle of our products and to offer sustainable, creative and high-quality hangers.


We can stop the single use of plastic hangers thanks to a comprehensive collection, sorting and recycling program. The collection of hangers can be carried out directly in the shop via personalized sorting packaging.

Circular economy

Using a hanger a second time reduces its environmental impact over 40%. Our plastic hangers are designed to be reused several times. We only put products on the market for which we are sure of recyclability.


We have mapped and quantified the CO2 footprint of our products and services. Through reuse and responsible material production, we can significantly reduce our emissions.

Compostable Hanger

We are pionneers in the conception of 100% plant-based plastic hanger, designed and manufactured in France. As solid and aesthetic as conventional plastic, the Gohébio is a révolution in the hanger world. Made to be reusable, the damaged bio-sourced hangers can be ground and then composted into industrial compost.


A few simple gestures allow our products to hold perfectly over times. Each used hanger, in good or bad condition, enters a new life cycle. Plastic is no longer a waste when you take care of it.


We no longer need to throw away the hangers, we can collect them all ! 

In exchange, get some new or recycled hangers, within very short deadlines and according to a personalized calendar.


We favor human contact, our offers are personalized and our solutions are tailor-made. When we reinvent the life cycle of hangers, everyone participâtes and everyone makes benefit from it. 


Each hanger must be adapted with your image while remaining ecological. We consider that a hanger is only creative and innovative if it meets our precise eco-design criteria list.