At Gohé we have a deep passion for fashion. all hangers are carefully designed to meet a specific function for each size and model of clothing.

Each garment has a unique shape, with very specific dimensions, this is why the hanger must be perfectly adapted to the worn item. The width of the hanger, the width of the shoulder, the material or the coating used, every detail counts to offer a creation the best of enhancement.


A gathering of Craftsmanships

For more than 10 years, we have established strong collaborations with companies and craftsmen.

From 3D prototyping our wood modeling in our workshop located in Angers to large or small scale production, we work with talented structures in accordance with our values.


Tailor-made solutions

We have stood out over the years by offering specific solutions and developments to each of our customers.

From the design to the management of your used hangers, our know-how is present in each of the stages of the hanger life-cycle .

At your side, we put our knowledge at the service of your layouts and collections, from the study of your needs to the management of your stocks.


Sustainable Duty 

Our vision of eco-design is to integrate the environment from the creation of the product and to master all stages of its life cycle.

We are committed to provide our customers with fully sustainable and High-quality products. We have recently created a program to recover stocks of used hangers in order to put them back into circulation if they are in good condition.